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Admittedly, we had to smile ourselves that we were offering a 10% discount on an ice cream serving.

However, Pierluigi Salvatore is about a special story and authentic quality. And as you know, we are very selective when choosing our partners.

There are hundreds of ice cream parlors in Istria, but from our point of view only three deserve the name gelateria. According to the current state of knowledge, only gelaterias are run by Italians. In Fažana, Rovinj and Pierluigi Salvatore in Poreč.

Pier Luigi  prepares his ice cream with cow, sheep and goat milk only from local suppliers because he lives and loves the region. He focuses on quality and is very keen to experiment. No wonder his ice cream was mentioned in the local media!

Believe us, you will notice the difference to other types of ice cream. In addition, you will seldom meet someone with whom you can talk about everything, especially about his favorite subject: wine! We have not yet found any knowledge gap.

Pier Luigi Salvatore

+ 385 91 954 6379

Ulica SvetogEleuterija 3

52440 Poreč


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