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Paolo's dream came true with Istra Grand Tour. During his tours you can tell that you are more like a customer to him and that he loves the region that he shows you.

With Paolo you will experience Istria away from mass tourism and gain insights that you will simply be happy to tell others about.

There are four tours to choose from, each lasting between 2-4 hours. We'll pick one out, the massive tour (4h):

"An organized guided quad tour includes a ride on exciting local trails, crossing an impressive stone bridge on the famous Parenzana trail, and visiting a local farm of indigenous domestic animals. After an exciting off-road ride, participants have lunch at a local agro-tourism where you can taste traditional Istrian dishes. After lunch, the ride goes ahead to a beautiful view of the river Mirna valley, and then it goes back to the start location."

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Istra Grand Tour

Paolo: + 385 91 989 8584

Vižinada 18a, 52447 Vižinada


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