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When we were immersed in the history of the Rossi family, which dates back to 1865, we were captivated. It's a story about strokes of fate, love, drama, poverty, tragedy, ingenuity and assertiveness.

The ancestor Federico, born in 1865, was put up for adoption because of poverty. At a young age he worked as a servant in the richest family in Bajkini for food rations. When he fell in love with a servant, he was banished along with his new love. They were able to find shelter with an elderly couple nearby because they needed someone to look after them.

Federico planted the first vines in 1885. Even under the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the descendant Marco Rossi started distilling schnapps, which was later banned under the rule of Italy. Marco got into great financial hardship between the two world wars, so that he was financially on the brink.

Then the idea occurred to him: he had his own forest cut down and sold the wood to Venice to pay his debts. He planted grapevines on the vacant ground, for there he was a master of his trade. One of the best drops of wine has emerged from the inevitable drop of sweat.

After getting to know the owners ourselves and tasting their products, we immediately knew that we wanted to cooperate with them. Quality, love for the region, moving history and a passion for viticulture, a cocktail that fits perfectly into our Istria mission!

ROSSI Winery & distillery

Filipo + 385 91 3355 622

Bajkini 16, 

52447 Vižinada


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