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As a guest at the Degustazione restaurant, you will also become a part of istria by m & m, because you will visit the coastal community in which we also live. If you want to pamper your curious mind with memories, knowledge about olive oil, cheese and wine production, fishing, the Istrian soul and the history of Tar-Vabriga, then you are at the right place at Degustazione.

This restaurant, which only serves local drinks and food made with local ingredients, is the starting point of this excursion, where your mind and spirit will be refueled with the positive energy of our regional natural treasures.

The community is in the process of putting together packages that offer excursions to the Roman archaeological site, the culinary museum and the fishing museum. The project team is doing everything in its power to ensure that you as a guest will be part of a wonderful journey from next year.

Special recommendation from us: pancakes with pistachio cream


Meri + 385 91 754 4618

Ulica Istarska 17, 52465 Tar-Vabriga


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