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Special conditions for istria by m&m-guests

It is simply impossible in Istria to look for quality, regionality and tradition in the field of culinary art without encountering aura. Numerous awards speak for themselves. This partnership is a great asset for our project.

We have heard a lot about Aura, now we wanted to see for ourselves. We immediately noticed the family atmosphere, the love and dedication to the guest, the product and the region.

In the Aura distillery, the entire production process for brandies and jams is carried out in a uniquely furnished ambience. It is interesting that visitors can see and experience the entire production process for themselves - from the fermentation of the fruit to the distillation in a handmade copper kettle, the maceration of the fruit, the ripening of the fruit brandies to the filling, labeling and packaging.

A special place in our production belongs to Gin Karbun made of wheat distillate, juniper berries and 20 spices. Gin Karbun passes filtration through activated carbon and offers it as an important component in serving. It is inspired with the force of the last carbunari (coal producers) from Ćićarija, an area where exclusively natural ingredients crucial for the creation of Gin Karbun grow.

We don't want to waste too many words here, see for yourself!

AURA proizvodi d.o.o.

+ 385 91 2694 251

2. Istarske Brigade 2/1, 52420 Buzet


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